Without delay

In both modes, patient and professional, in just 20 minutes can be performed until 12 studies to determine the patient's condition.

Real time

SUSSI not only provides the current result also compared with previous studies, and allows instantly determine the evolution of the disease or not.


Both the patient and the professional decide the level of confidentiality of data. To more clinical data more opportunities for study and cure.

With your mobile or tablet patient outcomes in minutes at the same visit


Visual acuity

With this test you can assess visual acuity, which is eye's ability to perceive specific sizes.


Allows to evaluate the ability to hear sounds according to the volume (intensity) and frequency.


To determine the tremors that involve movements occurring in the hands or upper limb.


This module gives us an idea of the degree of clumsiness or lack of coordination in walking the patient.

Fine movement

It gives us the guideline of the evolution of fine motor skills hand-eye coordinated.


By repeating key phrases we measure the difficulty articulating sounds and words.

and we are developing

new modules

Eye movement

The measurement of the eye movement can provide info about the neurodegenerative process.


As one of the classic symptoms, we are working on developing a non-invasive module that indicates its appearance.